For Change

Seed Life

Awareness for creative sustainability.

Principle  ‘All are one’ and 'one is in all' as nothing lies in isolation of the whole.

Vision  The future thrives, flourishing.

Mission   Creative sustainability.

Pressing concerns of today are global warming and climate change. Sustainability is relevant to us as we are faced with environmental issues of producing too much waste, pollution and depletion of our natural resources. The way forward means allowing our natural system to regenerate by implementing alternatives to ensure a thriving future for generations to come. According to the Economic Policy Report, Malaysia (NEP), Malaysia has acknowledged the need to reject traditional approaches to economic growth and implement fiscal reforms in its National Economic Model (NEM) committed to sustainable growth which "meets ongoing and future needs without compromising on environmental preservations". For real change to happen however we need holistic policies and practices, communal structures and an integrated system in place.

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