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Sekinchan,    Selangor, Malaysia

Above Left: Fishing trawlers and fisheries in Pantai Redang. Above right: Padi fields in Sekinchan.

(Photographs by Delphine Saira Gomez and Lum Choong Keen © 2015)

26 July 2015

A LAZY SUNDAY by Delphine Saira Gomez

In Sekinchan I remember the earthy, crunching sound of  gravel under my feet…the goreng pisang shack with piping hot bananas, yam, sweet potato, teh- tarik and cold iced tea. Drawn to the vast bright green padi fields I remember the coconut trees, all kinds of birds such as swifts, cranes, egrets, a kingfisher and …an owl?. Rickety, unkempt small towns are fairly laid back on Sundays with coffee shops running business as usual. Managed to catch a quick bite in the simple town of Ijok before heading off to Pantai Redang in Sekinchan.

While It was painful to see waste everywhere 'litterally' tarnishing the beautiful natural surroundings and townscapes, I daydreamed Malaysia as an exotic tropical paradise, the Asian garden of Eden. No doubt, the potential is there.


Petaling Jaya,    Selangor, Malaysia

Above Left: Private residence in Petaling Jaya.

(Photographs by Delphine Saira Gomez © 2015)

26 July 2015

PRIVATE HAVEN by Delphine Saira Gomez

What comes to mind? A sanctuary. ..private-cosy-tropical-exotic-lush-green-haven; a perfect hideaway for every lazy afternoon, playing card games and sipping hot, sweet tea.. heavenly!


Copyright © Delphine Saira Gomez.