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Seed Life



Awareness for creative sustainability.



Gift Packets

#3.’Clover in my garden’

Size: W 8.3cm x H 16.2cm

Material: Go Palm paper / card

Medium: Mixed-medium


My love for paper and awareness for creative sustainability led me to create handcrafted gift packets from recycled ‘Go Palm’ paper. The brown packets are adorned with aimless doodles in various patterns, designs, color and subtle touches of gold for selected pieces. Slight imperfections are to be expected as each piece is crafted by hand. One may choose to enclose small gifts such as a bracelet, necklace, tags or letter etc, in a gift packet for friends and family.


I am also drawing awareness that although initiatives have been taken to make use of palm fibres, there are serious issues surrounding the monoculture industries such as oil from palm tree plantations. These industries which cater for mass consumption have grave impacts to the environment, animals and people.


Copyright © Delphine Saira Gomez.