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Awareness for creative sustainability.




Peacock Doily

by Pryanka Lin Yu, age 4


Upcycling is fun and a creative outlet for all ages. Repurposing waste into decorative and practical objects for the home and as gifts will help reduce negative impacts on the environment. A toilet role is upcycled into a 'peacock doily'. Craft produced by the children are placed on bookshelves around the home for a touch of color and whimsy.





What's it going to be?

by Alisha Lin Yi, age 8


A school holiday project keeps the children busy from start to finish. Currently a work in progress, toilet rolls are painted and decorated with odd scraps of paper and mixed media.



Jam jar upcycled


Needed a container for stationery stuff. Had loads of fun making one of our own. The upcycled jar currently sits in the family's writing room.

Decoupaged table top


Work in progress: a 'Modge Podge' of cards, some of which were missing from an old deck of cards and printed paper; what I call a complete 'waste' of time well spent adding a bit of whimsy in an otherwise dull room.


Enjoyed creating a pin-up board from old cardboard boxes and an unused curtain sheet with our very own stenciled prints in green, red, yellow and blue.

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