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17 June 2015

Flying Seeds was established in 2013 by Delphine Saira Gomez. Situated in the outskirts of the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Flying Seeds takes on a certain quiet edginess which comes from being off the beaten track. This self-managed experimental studio space, aims to encourage creative sustainability, collaboration, individuality, and aims to be an example of an arts-oriented social enterprise that promotes positive social change without compromising artistic integrity. Projects are designed to generate constructive economic, social, environmental and cultural impacts.

Since 1997, Delphine is committed to collaborative projects for greater socio-environmental awareness. She has been involved in creative community projects such as Greenwave, The Women's Summit, The Gobal Knowledge Conference II (GKII), and in partnership with the InterContinental Hotels Group & The Children’s Home of Hope 2005, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) - The Orang Asli Project 2012, The Malaysia Lysosomal Disease Association 2012 and numerous others.

Delphine spearheaded a public interest campaign called 'Open Road-Hidden Agenda' that seeks to preserve creative communities in a healthy green environment and promote civic collaboration with the city government. The campaign highlights the importance of transparency, collaboration and creative sustainability for harmony. Flying Seeds envisions a green flourishing space for harmonious relationships celebrating diversity, compassion, wisdom and openness;  a sharing network.

Flying Seeds also draws awareness for creative sustainability on Design4Sustainability and

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