Seed Life



Seed Life serves as a platform

for ideas, inspiration, business

expertise, networking and collaborative initiatives

towards a sustainable future.


Seed Life hopes to create a system which enhances sustainable development, design and living

by drawing people from all walks

of life to actively participate

in an open-source environment.

I would like to introduce you to Seed Life.


Seed Life is a campaign; a movement focused on a strong call of ‘empowerment for change' through collaboration and an integrated approach. Seed Life hopes to bridge an understanding between contemporary lifestyle with sustainable living; what might be described as a cross-culture between traditional values, ethnic origin and

post-modern ‘zeit-geist’.


Sustainability is the way forward. The opportunity to develop, design and live sustainably becomes easier when

a system or conducive infrastructure is in place with regulations and a cooperative body of people who are passionate and committed to the cause. I hope living sustainably becomes a natural part of our lives; second

nature to us and no longer an issue.


Already there are corporations and industries moving in the right direction towards sustainability. The fashion industry which supposedly owns 1/3 of the global market recognises this need. People from different sectors

in the industry are collaborating and discussing new ways which will lead to a brand new fashion future.


A major ‘shift’ is happening. The ‘zeitgeist’ of our time is that we are beginning to realize the power within ourselves

to face challenges and build a world we hope and dream of. As we live in a diverse and vibrant world– all of us unique yet inextricably linked, the source for inspiration and possibilities towards a sustainable future is boundless.




Delphine Saira Gomez

co-creator, designer, artist

Sunset in Bali

Copyright © 2013 Delphine Saira Gomez.